Business Boost workshop: Review your marketing foundation. Explore new ideas. Extend your sales opportunities.

Often businesses only focus on a fraction of what is actually possible – in terms of marketing. We see gaps within the overall business marketing strategy.  With this in mind, we have developed a 3 hour workshop “Business Boost” where businesses will review their business plan and identify more marketing opportunities, get new tips and tricks and

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Want instantaneous marketing changes? Just walk into our office, we’ll change it on the spot

Website changes on the spot You are not happy with your website anymore and this colour is just no longer right anymore? And this banner on your homepage just doesn’t reflect your business anymore? Just come visit our office and we’ll do it for you straight away. We understand that you want quick and instant

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We are your outsourced Business Partner in 2019

Let’s start fresh in 2019 – together! This year is all about supporting you and your business all along the way. 2019 we will be your outsourced Business Partner. Whenever you feel stuck, need a pep talk, want to bounce off ideas or need a new way to generate leads … we’re here to help! We’ll

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How to attract clients to your next event. It’s time to get people to it!

There are many different ways to attract people to your event. Knowing and understanding your target audience is the most important thing. Once you’ve got this right, you will be prepared very well to fill your event. Here are 5 ways to promote your event. Don’t just promote your event. Promote the location! Often it

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Stay focussed in 2019 – Kick-Start 2019

Know-how to close the gaps in your business: Business Boost Workshop 2019 is about commitment and knowledge around how to close the gaps in your business. We are your outsourced Business Partner, your professional neutral eye, who is always on your side and will guide you when you need it. Commitment and worthwhile effort The

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