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3 Ways Businesses Are Fighting Back Against Negative Marketing Elements

Many businesses today are fighting back against negative marketing. With many sites allowing user generated reviews to come through, anyone can have an opinion on just about anything and their voice will be heard. Sites like, and others are jumping on this and they are helping ruin reputations for restaurant owners and small businesses Continue reading

The Move To Mobility Is Leaving Many Behind

With the massive uptake of mobile smart phones, it is interesting to see how some sites are still stubborn about how they approach marketing online. Some are approaching it with an antiquated look at things. So much so that many haven’t done anything to increase their mobile reach. The move to mobile marketing hasn’t just Continue reading

The new complete Fitness System: One of the simplest, cheapest and quickest solutions in the fitness market. Ripple Active.

Gain more time to work ON your Fitness Business We bet you never became a physical trainer, bought a gym or started your health business to spend all of your time on marketing, administration or technology!  Yet we also bet it’s become a big part of your day-to-day routine, or something constantly on your mind.

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Business Boost workshop: Review your marketing foundation. Explore new ideas. Extend your sales opportunities.

Often businesses only focus on a fraction of what is actually possible – in terms of marketing. We see gaps within the overall business marketing strategy.  With this in mind, we have developed a 3 hour workshop “Business Boost” where businesses will review their business plan and identify more marketing opportunities, get new tips and tricks and

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General Managers listen up! We are your outsourced Marketing Department

You want instant marketing changes on the spot, but your own marketing department is too slow or overloaded with different tasks? That’s the time when you should call us. Just make the order and we’ll do it for you on the spot. Your time as a General Manager is precious.  You (and your team) deal

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