Event Marketing

The new complete Fitness System: One of the simplest, cheapest and quickest solutions in the fitness market. Ripple Active.

Gain more time to work ON your Fitness Business We bet you never became a physical trainer, bought a gym or started your health business to spend all of your time on marketing, administration or technology!  Yet we also bet it’s become a big part of your day-to-day routine, or something constantly on your mind.

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Business Boost workshop: Review your marketing foundation. Explore new ideas. Extend your sales opportunities.

Often businesses only focus on a fraction of what is actually possible – in terms of marketing. We see gaps within the overall business marketing strategy.  With this in mind, we have developed a 3 hour workshop “Business Boost” where businesses will review their business plan and identify more marketing opportunities, get new tips and tricks and

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We are your outsourced Business Partner in 2019

Let’s start fresh in 2019 – together! This year is all about supporting you and your business all along the way. 2019 we will be your outsourced Business Partner. Whenever you feel stuck, need a pep talk, want to bounce off ideas or need a new way to generate leads … we’re here to help! We’ll

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How to attract clients to your next event. It’s time to get people to it!

There are many different ways to attract people to your event. Knowing and understanding your target audience is the most important thing. Once you’ve got this right, you will be prepared very well to fill your event. Here are 5 ways to promote your event. Don’t just promote your event. Promote the location! Often it

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Presentation in an Event

Trust comes first – connect with Potential Buyers face to face at your own event

Event Marketing is a powerful tool for your business to connect with potential buyers. It simply needs to be an integral part of your marketing mix. You have many different event opportunities to choose from, for example: regular networking function shopping centre promotion major consumer and industry trade show webinar charity There are many more

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See how Smart you can be

Event Marketing Psychology 101 – Engage senses. Evoke emotions. Capture attention.

You might have heard from Pink, Tomorrowland or Walt Disney World,… What do they have in common? First, let’s go back in time a little bit. Our brain decides in seconds whether we fight, flight, freeze or stay We all are human beings and we all come from the same source. Back in the days when

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