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Our Concept

The Track My SEO app was created to make SEO a tangible service that you can see, feel and trust. No longer should SEO be seen to be a mysterious questionable activity. Any person in the world of SEO would agree that one of the frustrations of working as an SEO provider is not being able to clearly show value to the client until actual leads are delivered, which takes time as we all know. Vice versa clients want to know where their hard-earned dollars are going each month and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.



Our level of transparency is a priority to us. We ensure that you have clear understanding of what we are completing on your behalf. We pride ourselves in being visible and forthcoming with our work.


We take screenshots at every step to show you the work being done. Our activity reports, explain and rationalise every activity completed each month so that you can stay involved.


We deliver quality results that are entirely trackable, with detailed activity and performance reports. Like tracks in the sand, you can see where we started and where we are heading with every step.

Our Activities

Offering an extensive range of services that work collaboratively to improve your websites SEO.

Content Strategy

Quality content is mandatory in achieving maximum results. From blog posts to video content, we focus on providing quality content that is in line with your business strategy and objectives.

Baseline Performance

We monitor and track your baseline performance to establish your sites initial performance when starting work with us. That way you can measure the success of our work from day one.

Website Maintenance

We offer unmatched website support including maintenance services. From updating plugins and themes, to improving the overall functionality of your site. Including speed, security and the functionality of your site.

Link Building Activity

Link building is a fundamental part of search engine optimisation and is vital for increasing your search engine rankings. Our services focus on efficient and innovative link building tactics.

Competitor Analysis

Information regarding what your competitors are doing is vital to understand. We have spy software to analyse competitor activity that works, including on page and backlink analysis.

Strategy Creation

We implement strategies tailored to your business model. We gain an understanding of your business and apply the correct search strategy appropriate. SEO is not a one shoe fits all approach.

Google Environment

If you can’t beat them, join them. Google provide you with all the tools necessary to succeed, so we integrate your site with these tools to ensure your site ticks all the boxes.

Social Media Presence

Social media networks are the ultimate way to boost traffic to your website and brand your company online. From Facebook pages to Instagram ads, we can create each account for your business to optimise your social media presence.

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Digital Media Kit
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