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We build effective, professional, impressive web sites – That your customers can find.

A website is the place where your potential customers go to to research you and buy from you. If you don’t have a website – you don’t have a marketplace presence – and don’t think that if you have a facebook page, you don’t need a website!

Its very easy to make a complicated expensive website. The challenge is creating a simple website that your customers can find, navigate easily and buy your products or service.

That’s what Ripple Marketing specialise in – beautiful, easy to use websites that appeal to your customer.

The first step is a simple chat and a mapping of what you want to say and what you want your customers to do. The technology is there that you can pretty much do anything you want, without too much expensive development. Ripple Marketing find these solutions and turn them into a reality.

Where we really set our self apart is when we hand the completed site over to you. Unlike most other developers, you own the site. Our simple CMS system comes with inbuilt analytics and the simplest updating system ever – you can change anything on the site (not just the text box in the middle) and we’ll even show you how to do it!

We deliver you a great looking, effective website, properly optimised for SEO that allows your customers to find you, understand you and buy from you.

  • We don’t just accept the standard technology – we constantly look for better solutions.
  • Our price – we don’t charge by the page!!! You get a complete price for a complete, grow-able, website.
  • YOU own the website once completed – most web companies retain ownership of your site!
  • We choose the system and the method that’s right for YOU!


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