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Small business self-help workshops

Since we began, we have been helping individual businesses understand what they need to be doing to grow, without the jargon and without the “headless chicken syndrome” (Running around working hard but achieving little).

We have developed a system to break down the stages in easy bite-size pieces, teach it to you, set some goals and then hold you accountable for your actions.

Our promise to you: 1) You will grow your business and 2) You will enjoy it and 3) You will tell your friends!


Business Boost is our half-day day educational seminar perfect people who are either starting up a new business or those who are in business and want to review that they have set up the foundations for marketing and are looking for growth of their product or service.

Our Small Business Workshops run for 1.5 hours and cover specific areas of marketing focusing on areas that will help generate sales and growth. We cover topics such as; ensuring your website is SEO-friendly, how to build a sales funnel and building customer profiles so you know who and how to marketing to your customers. We will also tailor-make workshops to suit specific needs so if you are looking for more information or help with a specific area such as advertising, social media, video production or presentation technology, just ask us!


There are no upcoming events at this time.

We (the Ripple founding members) made a commitment when we started the company, that we would offer business knowledge and networking workshops for anyone interested. Every month we host a workshop with a subject requested by our attendees.

Got an idea for a workshop – email us to tell us about it!


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